Double S Digital Scicomm Consultancy Limited

This a Consultancy that offers services in communications and mainly focusing the digital side of communications with a specialization in the science subject. We also offer networking services to people you might be interested to work with

Our story.

The world has already moved digital. It is time scientists and research organisations got to let the people know what they are upto and how it is going to benefit the public.

It is said that your worth is your network. We took that literally and offer connections and networking services an individual or company would want from a certain organisation, government or individual.

Digital Marketing

We offer digital management and marketing services in terms of social media, emails, photography, online events etc.

Website Design

We make simple website pages for scientist/individuals and organisations to communicate and be found on on the internet


We consult on connecting you with the human resources you would like to be engaged with

A little love

Jon Baraka

I was able to be connected to a government to get my project running

Tanzania • Business Manager

Kate Mundi

I got help designing of my blog to communicate science to the public

Kenya • Scientist

Sam Smith

Absolutely amazing support for my company when it comes to marketing my company’s products

Portland • CEO

Take action

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